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Strategic Communications

Delivering a message to a specific audience, through the right channels at the exact moment.

Public Relations

Positioning key messages, building reputation or creating awareness and buzz around key topics.

Crisis Communications

Protecting a Brand’s reputation during times of crisis could be also an opportunity to position its key messages.

Digital Marketing Tranformation

We are facing a “new normal”, one that will require that businesses and its models adapt and integrate tech as a key element of their strategies.

F1rstcomm's team

About Us

Thirteen years ago we decided to walk into the unknown, and create a unique offer for our clients developing Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing initiatives. With innovation at our core, we strive to offer unique solutions for our clients, no matter if it's  within the consumer, tech, pharmaceutical or luxury sectors. We want to become business partners and a strategic element of our client’s teams.

Turning different ideas into unique solutions
Leveraging tech to approach new audiences and their needs

Strategic Communications from a different perspective
Social Media Strategies

New platforms require innovative approaches. We work with our business partners to develop these tools to positively impact their businesses.

Creative Services

Web Design, Video and Content are key elements of all our programs. We have integrated in-house capabilities to offer a full solution for our business partners.

Members of the PR Network

F1rstcomm is an active member of the PRN, a global network of PR agencies with partners in over 50 countries worldwide. Through our network we can implement initiatives for our clients in all corners of the world.

Our Business Model

Each project has its own challenges and needs, that is why we integrate technology and innovation to our business model; understanding the information behind these first layers allows us to integrate unique messages, identify our key audiences and position our client's brands and products in order to strengthen their reputation.

Data Oriented Strategies

We gather and use information to select the best path for our strategies.


This is not business as usual. We find new, innovative ways to communicate.

Business Oriented Solutions

We want to help our partners to achieve their business objectives through our solutions.

Measurable Results

Our unique evaluation tools allows us to measure the success of our programs.

Some of our Business Partners

We are more than a Communication firm, we are business partners that build , implement and measure innovative and tech-oriented strategies. We adapt our solutions to the ever changing field of Strategic Marketing Communications. 

Contact us
Mexico, Panama and Brazil

+52 1 55 3660 0633